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Dentures are also one of the processes of restoration of smile and shape of oral structure. Lost or missing teeth not only have a negative impact on appearance, but their absence can also greatly affect one’s oral health. In everyday life, an individual's teeth are essential for every function such as chewing, eating, and speaking. Over a period of time, missing teeth can lead to the decay of the jawbone and facial structure, as well as severe bite imbalances and unwanted tooth shifts.

It consists of prosthetic artificial teeth which are attached to a gum-colored base. They are worn inside the mouth in order to give the appearance and function of healthy natural teeth. When the patient becomes fully habitual with their dentures, they can feel natural and comfortable to wear. The oral care experts at our dental clinic recommend either removable dentures or fixed dentures.

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Missing teeth truly ruin the aesthetics of a smile. Assuming that you are having a hesitation on opening up your mouth, false teeth can assist you with recapturing trust in your appearance. These dentures give a reasonable aesthetic that mimics your natural teeth so you can smile freely without fear of what other people will think. Dentures additionally decrease sagging in your face, which can knock a long time off of your appearance.

  • A Severe Toothache or Bleeding
  • Broken Tooth or Jaw
  • A Severe Toothache or Bleeding
  • Lost Dental Filling or Crown
  • Object Stuck in Teeth
  • Lost Dental Filling or Crown

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Removable dentures are permanently implanted metal framework that is designed to keep the wearer’s removable dentures secure and in place even while talking or eating. This framework can be inserted into an individual’s gums with minimally-invasive surgery. While this framework ensures that the user’s dentures are kept in place when needed, they can be removed by the user for easy cleaning and then quickly replaced for general use. Every three to eight years, users can replace their set of removable dentures.

Fixed dentures are permanently held in place in the user’s mouth by using four to six dental implants.

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